The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services provided by Pixsell Signs.


The accuracy of all estimates remains valid for a period of 15 days from the issuance date and may be subject to revisions thereafter. The estimate encompasses comprehensive details concerning products and services.

By accepting the estimate, you acknowledge that changes in quantities, product specifications, and final artwork proofs may incur additional charges.


The customer agrees to compensate Pixsell Signs for the Goods/Services upon the fulfillment of the assigned task. The pricing will be determined by either Pixsell Signs’ initial estimate or as stated on invoices, order forms, or any other relevant documentation provided by Pixsell Signs to the Customer.

Should Pixsell Signs identify the necessity for additional work, resulting in costs exceeding the initial estimate, confirmation will be sought from the Customer before proceeding with the additional work.

A deposit is required upon the placement of the Customer’s order, with the final payment due upon the completion date of the work. Goods purchased and services rendered will be subject to GST conditions.


Until full settlement of all associated costs, ownership of all goods shall remain with Pixsell Signs. The Client acknowledges that artwork proofs provided for approval, as well as all original artwork, designs, and layouts, are the exclusive property of Pixsell Signs. Unauthorized reproduction, duplication, display, or distribution of Pixsell Signs’ designs and proofs is strictly prohibited.

The Client further acknowledges that all products, designs, and custom creations are the property of Pixsell Signs and may be used in promotional materials, samples, publications, on the Pixsell Signs website and blog, for reproduction, or other purposes.

Pixsell Signs will retain artwork for a maximum of two years from the last production date as a courtesy to the Client, considering file storage costs. However, this retention is not guaranteed and is solely provided as a service. The Client bears the responsibility of archiving artwork.

We maintain strict confidentiality standards and do not sell or share Client information with third-party services or vendors beyond what is necessary for billing and shipping purposes.


Should the Client opt to cancel the service, they shall bear the responsibility for all expenses accrued prior to the receipt of the cancellation notice in written form. These expenses encompass proofs, artwork, materials, and completed work. Furthermore, Pixsell Signs reserves the authority to levy a 15% cancellation fee to cover internal costs. Rest assured, Pixsell Signs is dedicated to resolving any issues resulting from errors on our part and will promptly re-image any affected job. In the event that the Client decides to cancel the order after approving and delivering the proof to Pixsell Signs, the deposit will be deemed forfeited, as deposits are non-refundable.


Pixsell Signs offers a conditional warranty for its products and services, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Our commitment will be determined on a case-by-case basis and includes a one-year installation warranty, guaranteeing our craftsmanship’s excellence. Moreover, we provide a two-year warranty for cast laminated adhesive vinyl applied to vertical surfaces, and a one-year warranty for calendared economy vinyl.


The typical production timeframe for projects usually spans 10 working days from proof approval. However, the exact production duration for each project will be outlined during the quoting phase. By accepting our estimate, the Client also commits to the deadline specified by Pixsell Signs.

While we strive to adhere to agreed-upon deadlines, external factors such as weather conditions, disruptions in the supply chain, and delays in receiving necessary files from the Client may impact project timelines. In instances of installation delays, the Client may incur additional labour and equipment hire costs. Pixsell Signs will make every effort to schedule installations during safe and favourable weather conditions, prioritizing the safety and success of the project.


Pixsell Signs endeavours to employ the most appropriate adhesive and mounting systems tailored to the materials utilized in our projects. Nonetheless, due to inherent disparities in building structures, surfaces, and mounting surface conditions, variations may impact the final installation outcome. Consequently, Pixsell Signs cannot be held accountable for structural or mounting conditions at the client’s site. In the event of faults, should Pixsell Signs be requested to rectify them, the client will bear any additional costs incurred.

Concerning motor vehicle signage and wraps, Pixsell Signs assumes no responsibility for wrap or decal failures if the vehicle has not been adequately prepared. It is crucial that all vehicles undergo thorough cleaning on the morning of drop-off or the preceding day, if necessary. Furthermore, the vehicle surface must be devoid of wax and polish residue before vinyl application. Pixsell Signs will not be liable for any damage resulting from vehicle repairs or surface defects.


Pixsell Signs disclaims any responsibility for losses or damages arising from the removal of signage. This encompasses various scenarios, including but not limited to glass breakage, signage damage, harm to removed items, paintwork, walls, glass, wallpaper, scratches, marks, and residual materials left behind.


Signed Confirmation

Upon confirming the proof, the Client accepts full responsibility for any inaccuracies in the artwork, including but not limited to spelling errors, typographical mistakes, incorrect phone numbers, missing letters, and low-resolution images. If a proof is approved with erroneous information, the Client may incur additional costs for corrections at a later stage.


Pixsell Signs provides one complimentary round of proof revisions. Any additional revisions will incur a fee of $120 per hour of design work. There are no extra charges if artwork files are submitted in a suitable print-ready format.


The client is responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and licenses for reproducing logos or artwork not originated by Pixsell Signs. Any extra costs arising from purchasing stock photos, typefaces, or other essential items will be itemized in the final invoice.


All pricing for our services is predicated on the assumption that the Client will supply print-ready artwork. This entails the artwork being formatted in CMYK color mode, with all text converted to outlines and images embedded.

In the event that the Client necessitates Pixsell Signs to generate artwork, they will be subject to an artwork charge determined by the time expended on creating the artwork. The applicable rate for artwork creation is $120.00 per hour.

Colour Variances

We endeavor to faithfully depict our designs through digital proofs; however, it’s essential to acknowledge the possibility of color discrepancies. These variations stem from disparities in the capabilities of computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and phone screens, as well as individual variances in color perception.

Numerous factors, including the choice of computer screen, file formats (RGB & CMYK), substrates, finishing processes, and lighting conditions, can all impact color reproduction. As a result, Pixsell Signs cannot assume liability for discrepancies in color post-production.

For projects where precise color representation is imperative, we recommend providing a target color, reference sample, or requesting a color proof for review to ensure the desired outcome.

File Size

Email files under 5Mb; larger files can be sent using WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Legal Requirement

Pixsell Signs will not be responsible for obtaining approval from councils, committees, engineers, or body corporates for signage installation. However, we are dedicated to working closely with clients to streamline the process and achieve the desired outcome smoothly. If there are any restrictions or regulations relevant to your project, such as specific colors or sizes, it is essential to provide these details to us before the project begins.

Failure to do so releases Pixsell Signs from any responsibility for alteration or reproduction costs, which will then be billed to the client accordingly.


To achieve the best outcome when scaling to the final size, kindly provide design images in Vector format. This enables Pixsell Signs to adjust vector images without sacrificing design integrity.

When photos or other bitmapped images are necessary for printing, ensure that the resolution is adequate to avoid pixelation when enlarged.

For precise production of your artwork, please follow these requirements diligently:

  • Include a 5mm bleed (10mm for double-sided graphics) when scaled to full size.
  • Include crop marks.
  • Provide a separate file or page for each design.
  • Include dimensions and a description in the artwork description.
  • Maintain the correct width-to-height ratio.
  • Save files in CMYK color mode (RGB files are not accepted).
  • Embed images within the files.
  • Convert fonts to outlines, curves, or shapes.
  • Ensure resolution is no less than 72dpi.
  • Scale images correctly.
  • Flatten RGB images.

Acceptable file types include:


  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript, CS6 and below)
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator, CS6 and below)
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop, recommended flattened)
  • TIFF (recommended flattened)
  • JPG/JPEG (recommended high-resolution)
  • Vector-based images